Podczas pracy z izolacją należy przestrzegać wszystkich instrukcji podanych na opakowaniu. Właściwe stosowanie metod pracy, w połączeniu z odpowiednio dobranym narzędziem i sprzętem przyczyni się do poprawy jakości pracy.

It is best to use a special knife to cut the insulation.

To achieve the required insulation thickness, the material can be laid in 2 to 4 layers: 50 mm + 50 mm or 100 mm + 50 mm + 50 mm, etc.

The insulation should be installed so that it adheres closely to the surrounding frame and each other. With a properly selected thickness, the material should fills the insulated space.

Clothing used during work

Wear gloves that protect the skin from irritation. Wear protective glasses to prevent dust from getting into your eyes.

Ventilation while working

Properly prepared ventilation reduces the amount of dust in the room. Use a vacuum cleaner when working in a very dusty environment. If this is not possible, wear protective clothing and a dust mask.


It is recommended to open the package on a hard, clean surface in the immediate vicinity of the installation site.


The insulation should be cut with a sharp knife on a hard, clean surface. Use a vacuum cleaner when using a power tool.

Completing the work

After finishing work, wash your skin with running water, without rubbing your hands together, until all dust has been washed off. After working in very dusty conditions, it is necessary to rinse the body in the shower and change clothes. Workwear should not be washed with regular clothing.

Storage of materials

Packages are best stored in a dry, closed room - protected from rain, wind, snow and shocks. If, for example, the insulation is stored on the street or at a construction site, it must be folded on a pallet without touching the ground. The packaging of the insulation should be opened immediately before its installation. This significantly reduces the risk of material damage. Careful opening of the compressed package will allow the packaging foil to be reused, e.g. to collect construction residues.